Badali Recommends #1 Featuring Ryan

We here at Badali want to do something a little different today, with so many people stuck at home, we wanted to introduce: Badali Recommends! Many of us at the shop listen to books, music, and podcasts while making and packing the jewelry! So we have quite a bit we can offer in the way of recommendations! We will be spotlighting our team members favs as a nifty behind the scene feature! 

So for the first ever Badali Recommends, we are spotlighting Ryan! 

Job Title:

Sarcasto the magnificent

Ok, Head Jeweler.


Currently reading:

Defying Destiny by Andrew Rowe

Last book you finished:

Mother of Learning by Nobody103

Favorite Book/Comic:

Not sure I could pick just one.  I enjoy different things about different books among my favorites, so it's hard to compare them.


Favorite Series:

Same problem.  But I could list several:. The Stormlight Archive, by Brandon Sanderson, The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher.  Cradle, by Will Wight. The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. Need to work in Patrick Rothfuss, Andrew Rowe, and a few others as well. There's a *lot* more.  Just typing out a list of favorite series/authors would take wayyyyyyyy too long.


Dresden Files:


Favorite Non Fiction:

I'm not really into non fiction.


Favorite Fiction:

See above.  As I don't really read non fiction, this is identical to previous responses.


Other literary recs:

Arcane Ascension by Andrew Rowe.  It's entertaining, different and plays into my  gaming addiction nicely. 

Favorite Genre:

Fantasy, or progressive fantasy, LitRPG.  Sorry for the 1 genre and 2 subgenres.

Favorite Book/Series that Badali works with:

Not sure I could pick just one.


Favorite piece of jewelry:

The Dol Guldur ring.  Preferably with a bright Rhodium plate as opposed to the black Ruthenium plating.

Dol Guldur Ring on a masculine hand, which is holding an axe.  Profile shot of the side of the Dol Guldur ring framed by an axe blade

Favorite piece of jewelry to make:

*NOT* Dol Guldur.

Other Media Recommends (TV, Movie, podcast, video games, etc)

I just finished a playthrough of Ori and the Will of the Wisps.  It's a fantastic sequel if you enjoy platformers at all. Now on to RPGs again.


Go to thing to listen to while making/packing jewelry:


Can’t wait for (Book/Movie/Game/etc release):

Things I can't wait for:

The FFVII remake.

Stormlight Archive book 4

Peace Talks by Jim Butcher

And the caffeine to kick in this morning.

We hope you all enjoyed the first edition of Badali Recommends! 

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