Aon Shao Pendant - Laka Jewelry - Necklace
Aon Shao Pendant - Laka Jewelry - Necklace
Aon Shao Pendant - Laka Jewelry - Necklace

Aon Shao Pendant

Regular price €57.00

Aons are the magical symbols used by Elantrians to perform AonDor™, the magic of the Aons. Each symbol has a specific meaning and power. Aon Shao™ is a symbol of Transformation and Change. Inspired from the pages of Elantris by Brandon Sanderson.

Details: The Shao Pendant is solid sterling silver and measures 28.3 mm long and 22.2 mm wide. The Aon Necklace weighs 4.8 grams. The back of the pendant is textured and stamped with our copyright hallmark and STER, Sterling.

Finishing Options: Antiqued Sterling Silver or Rhodium-Plated Silver (additional €5.00).

Chain Options: 24" long stainless steel curb chain, 24" black leather cord (additional €5.00), or 20" 1.2 mm sterling silver box chain (additional €25.00).  Additional chains are available on our accessories page.

Also available with enameled finish - click here to view - or in 14k gold - click here to view.

PackagingThis item comes in a jewelry box with a card of authenticity.

ProductionWe are a made-to-order company. Your order will ship in 5 to 10 business days if the item is not in stock.

Laka Jewelry Specialties, Inc. designs are based on the novel Elantris by Brandon Sanderson, copyright © 2005 by Brandon Sanderson, copyright © by Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC and used with the express permission of Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC.

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